my story


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

— Ernest hemingway

I've been singing, painting, sketching, and writing poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember. The ability to communicate through artistic expression was so innate to me that I took it for granted. So I followed the script. I graduated from college and became a corporate office professional. However, after gaining invaluable professional experience and building a fairly notable "can do" reputation amongst my colleagues, I found myself haunted by a frightening question. Am I truly operating at my full potential? 

In reality there was no way that I could be operating at full potential if I was neglecting a host of artistic talents given to me. So one day I decided to dream. I decided to reinvent myself by becoming more of myself than I had ever been before. I finally mustered up the courage to be free in thought and hope, and to walk wholeheartedly in that freedom. My first step in this freedom walk is sharing works that I have hoarded throughout the years. I hope that you enjoy my debut EP entitled OUG: Ordinary Unassuming Grace. It's a collection of small steps in my journey towards big leaps of faith.