the wall

I recently heard someone say that sometimes we let our sight become the enemy of our vision. In other words, our inability to physically see progress can keep us from believing in our ability to achieve success. I can relate to that.

Full of doubt, I quickly change course and put together my own PR message. Usually, a foolproof statement with just enough story and emotion to invoke empathy, and a few concrete facts that can't really be proven. I rehearse the message to myself... well, because who's going to believe it if I don't? And then just like that, I'm ready whenever anyone asks, “So what happened to that thing you were talking about starting? I remember you were so excited about it and I felt inspired just listening to you.”

I think that one of the hardest things to do is walk by faith and not by sight... hard, but not impossible.

About a month ago, I watched an old interview with Will Smith on Charlie Rose. Will mentioned that his father made he and his brother build a brick wall in front of his father's store when they were children. Will remembered the idea of building an entire brick wall seeming impossible, especially before they had started. Well, he and his brother did a little each day and inevitably, after about a year and a half, the wall was complete.

Will Smith learned an invaluable lesson from his father that year. When faced with a large task - or a huge dream for that matter - you don't set out to build a wall because that will make the task seem intimidating. You simply focus on laying each brick with as much precision as possible in that moment. Then, you will eventually have a wall.

You will eventually have an amazing career. You will eventually have a strong family unit. You will eventually have a dream fulfilled.