subtle dysfunction

Sometimes I get lazy. In the middle of washing clothes, I get tired and decide to finish the rest tomorrow, or the next day... or the next day. So I leave a trail of separated clothes on the floor from my hamper into my bedroom closet until I am ready to complete that task.

And because the clothes are overflowing into my closet it makes it harder for me to reach my shoes. So when I remove a pair of shoes to wear (because it's just as hard to return them to the designated closet space amidst my dirty clothes) I then leave the shoes in random places around my apartment.

And because I'm not used to my shoes being in the middle of the floor, I trip over them on my way from the living room couch to the refrigerator and then sometimes again on my way back to the couch. This is all because I got lazy and didn't feel like finishing my laundry or at least putting my dirty clothes back in the hamper for the meantime.

I think this is what happens in life sometimes. We get lazy or simply comfortable. We settle in a position in life where we are unfulfilled - be it a career, relationship, physical condition, geographic location or socioeconomic environment. In order to counter that stale feeling, we find a few workarounds to getting short-term fulfillment instead of being patient and persistent enough to seek after something more meaningful.

This week I've been challenged to finish the task at hand, even if just one small step at a time. Instead of wishing and wondering why I'm not further along in life, I'll count my blessings and focus on finishing what seem to be minor things I've started.