i heart Christmas


I heart Christmas. It's my favorite time of year. As a Christian, it's a time for me to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with fellow believers. But it's also what I consider happy people season when even skeptics simply chalk up random acts of kindness to the spirit of the season.

The music is delightful and there is always a new version of old classics available. I’m currently enjoying A Pentatonix Christmas.

It’s also a time when we remember once again that we’re all human. We share the struggle of finding the right gift for a loved one. Some suffer tragedy or loss during this time and for some reason we feel just a little more empathy than usual. And people can leave their professionalism behind to wish others happy holidays and a bright new year.

The Christmas season echoes Thanksgiving's spirit of gratitude creating a bridge between reflection and promise as we head into the new year. And in the birth of a new year we find hope. One more time to start sooner, to stay on track, to get it right. One more year for you to be your best you and me to be my best me.

During this season I wish you a happy love-filled holiday and your very best new year.

Be well…