When pushing towards a longterm goal or enduring growing pains such as learning to be patient, I find it easy to lose sight of how blessed I already am. My anxiety tends to come with a side effect of amnesia.

Every now and then, I like to do a little reminiscing. I take a look at old pictures and read old journal entries as a reminder of what my previous head space contained and how I've evolved since. This morning I took a look back at a journal entry from Thanksgiving circa 2011...

Looking over my life, I find myself most thankful for the fact that I could not have designed its path. I could not have imagined the level of joy that I find in each day to even aspire to it. I reminisce on the things that I thought were important years ago and how God did not give them to me. And I am thankful because He has always had something better waiting. 

If left up to me, I would not have put myself through my past, yet it got me to where I am today. I have learned to trust God with my future, which means I had to learn to appreciate the present knowing He always has something greater waiting. My heart is so overwhelmed that I am not sure if I could ever properly express just how grateful I am for today. 


Hmm. Yep. Still true.