There are these people in my life who I have watched from afar for years. I've watched them evolve, strive, achieve, suffer great loss or defeat, get back up, try again, pursue their dreams patiently and succeed with great humility. They are my heroes.

They are amazing friends, spouses, parents, entrepreneurs, entertainers, writers and the list goes on. They are also people who sat beside me in high school, were my roommates in college, and swapped stories with me at work.

While we might have gone our separate ways to live our separate lives, it's always nice to reconnect and find that they have pursued their wildest dreams - whether it be to have a harmonious family or to start a new business. That through all of the ups and downs, they've always chosen to live.

Little do my heroes know how much they mean to me. How much they inspire me. How much their very existence challenges me to be a better version of myself.

In Andy Stanley's book Louder than Words he writes about how there are always moments that reveal our true character no matter what we do to present ourselves in a certain light. Our character has a way of seeping into our relationships and exposing itself in moments of unjust treatment or seemingly undeserved pain. "Don't look now, but your character is showing," he writes.

What I love about my heroes is that, beyond their success, I've at some point been close enough to catch their character showing. And it's been a beautiful sight to see.

So cheers to all my heroes. Keep on living, because you never know who's watching.