talk is cheap

By now I've explored enough theory on pursuing purpose and, as I mentioned in a previous entry, it is now time to do something. So I'll put my money where my mouth is... literally. I have decided to put together an EP - 5 songs in 5 months. Actually, I can't promise that it will happen in five months. It just makes for a good slogan.

My initial thought was to record a full album (12 songs). I wrote a little over 20 songs a few years back and did nothing with them. So it made sense to cut that in half and put out an album. And then I started to think through the process and some possible obstacles. My mental list of things to consider looked as such:

  1. I have no idea what I'm doing. 
  2. I will need money and other resources
  3. I am very much an amateur in this arena.
  4. I will need money and other resources that cost money.
  5. I've never done this before. 
  6. I'm really going to need some money. 

So I figured that I should start small. Instead of a full album, I could put out just a few songs. After googling the difference between LP and EP, I settled on doing an EP. It would still be a substantial feat for me, but not such an overwhelming goal that I would be discouraged easily.

So here's the plan...

  1. I will save some money - one quarter at a time. Just kidding. I actually think I can afford to save one dollar at a time now.
  2. I will ask for help. My ignorance provides an opportunity to learn. And that I will do. I will ask for advice, pay attention when I'm in a room of "way ahead of me's" and take notes.
  3. I will thank God daily for every ounce of knowledge and talent shared with me during this process.
  4. I will record 5 songs in 5 months (maybe) for digital release.

I really have no idea what will come of it all; but at the very least, this should be interesting.

To infinity and beyond!

(Sorry. That's all that came to mind when searching for an exciting mission-driven way to sign off.)