nine lives


As a child I was fascinated by the fact that cats had the ability to fall and land on their feet. My family never owned a cat, but we had quite a few strays in the neighborhood where I grew up. It was fun to watch them in the yard quietly moving with their instinct.

Now when I see a cat fall and land on its feet I think, how human of you. I can do that. I can fall with a chest full of fear and still land on my feet. I can fall from a life that I thought was shatterproof and still find ground beneath me. I can keep living too.

There was a time when I thought my life was like a math problem: x + y = z every time. It was simple. I could plan my whole life based on proven formulas. Proven by whom? I don't know. But the myth of being in control used to seem very real.

Now I find that there's nothing more liberating than losing control. There is no magic formula to success. And the lives, the relationships, the positions and possessions that we think or want to last forever are not promised. So each day warrants its own measure of gratitude.

Furthermore, because I don't know what tomorrow will bring, I can only defeat regret by striving to be my best self in each moment, in the here and now. I'm challenged to speak and live my truth each day. And if I should fall, I'll trust my instinct, land on my feet and keep on living.