Last night I couldn’t sleep and found myself intrigued with the moon shining through my bedroom window. It was as if it were calling me. Calling me beyond the clouds and the cool breeze. Calling me beyond the break of day and beyond the trees.

It was as if it were trying to convey to me that I was one of “them.”

One of those big shining stars meant to live beyond the daily pull of gravity.
Meant to soar among constellations, Neptune, and satellite TV.
I was one of them.

Meant to disrupt the silence of night with my bright light,
with all my might, with all my righteous insight.
I was one of them.

One of those big dreams made of magical things
like in biblical times when folks used to split seas.
I was one of them.

I was one of those show stoppin’, bass droppin’ songs
that starts in your pinky toe and makes its way up to your knees.
I’m one of them.

I’m one of those jazzy tunes with a complicated melody and organic everything.
I’m one of those old souls who’s not afraid to say “I don’t know”
and loves the rhythm of love songs or when love writes songs.
I’m one of them.

So I say to my friend,
the big beautiful bright moon,
I’ll catch up with you later.
My liftoff is coming soon.